Hodor from „Game of Thrones” – a DJ for Romania’s Untold Festival

Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor playing Hodor in the Game of Thrones series, attend the 2016 edition of Romania’s Untold Festival, which took place last weekend in Cluj-Napoca, inside the verry heart of Transylvania. During a press conference, Kristian admitted he was never meant to be a DJ, or even an actor.

Currently on a filming hiatus, the actor – cum – DJ har a relaxing Q & A with the press. Stating he doesn’t know what he likes more, being an actor or a DJ, Kristian is glad to have enough time for both jobs, which he loves equally. A declared house music aficionado, for the last five years he’s been an extremely known and appreciated DJ in the British club scene.


As filming for the seventh season of Game of Thrones has been delayed because of winter shooting (Winter has come!), David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said that they have an ending in mind for the next season and they’ve focused upon scenes leading to it, as the series has gracefully exceeded George R.R. Martin’s saga.

The actor said he couldn’t have missed „The World Capital of Night and Magic”, as the festival is frequently dubbed, also confessing that he mostly enjoyed Romanians’ openness. Kristian performed his DJ mix which lasted for over an hour in front of hundreds of extactic young people, accompanied by frantic applause and incessant chanting of his Game of Thrones character name „Hodor, Hodor!”


„I like it here in Cluj Napoca, I like the city, I have been in Romania a few times before, in Bucharest. I like the people the most, they’re very open and hospitable, it was a pleasure to be back”. Quoted by Mediafax about Untold, the Irish actor remarked „I’ve seen the line-up, the list of performing artists, bands, DJs and they are among the best in the world. I could not have missed The World Capital of Night and Magic. I really like the festival’s atmosphere, it’s incredible and the public is phenomenal”.


He credits his mom for his recent musical career, as he started learning to play the piano when he was only three years old and in his teens passing on to learn the guitar, finally ending up playing in local bars.

„I was shy, the guitar had a role of my self-expression in music. I wasn’t meant to be a DJ or an actor, I just wanted to play the guitar. I didn’t think back then I would eventually mix as a DJ, but it wasn’t hard for me to move on to mixing, to become a DJ, I’ve been doing it for twenty years. It just happend, I was playing in a Belfast night club, the DJ got sick and so I began my DJ career” said Nairn, as quoted by Mediafax.


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